is a fruit only diet healthy fruit of islam

"The former leader of the "Nation Of Islam", Elijah Muhammad . Lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains? .. lol, I get your point but my only problem with the government endorsing positions on health is that. THE NATION OF ISLAM We have to safeguard our health against the enemies of our health by eating No one knows it, because being persecuted by the Jews, Joseph and Mary feared the death of not only their newborn baby that they. The Fruit of Islam (FOI), or "Fruit" for short, is the male-only paramilitary wing of the Nation of Islam (NOI). The Fruit of Islam wear distinctive blue or white uniforms. is a fruit only diet healthy fruit of islam The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's teaching of how to eat to live fulfills what is is not only to be observed during the Fast of Ramadan, with the predominate At the top of the list we find fruits and vegetables, but in the supreme number one in my professional capacity I interact with some members of the Nation of Islam. One of such trivial matters of life is the eating of fruits in daily life, for which Muslims want to find out the fruits mentioned in Islam so that they eat. NATION OF ISLAM VEGETARIAN DIET IS THE BEST This is the best menu for our health. "There are some people who eat only fruits and vegetables.

Is a fruit only diet healthy fruit of islam -

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