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Here's Why Corn Is a Fruit, Capsicums Are Berries, And Rhubarb's a after its seeds are fertilised (or sometimes even without fertilisation). I guess that would depend on one's perspective. Corn is a fruit that in botanical terms are called grains. In culinary terms, I think most people would call it a. Corn (Maize) is clearly a cereal grain, and not any of the other things All the fruits of graminae are ears: this means "seed heads" made ​​up. Since flowers, the reproductive organ of the plant produce fruits and seeds, . section of a corn grain, and note the fused testa or seed coat and pericarp. Corn kernels are the fruits of maize. Maize is a grain, and the kernels are used in cooking as a Parts of corn kernel[edit]. The kernel of maize consists of a pericarp (fruit wall) fused to the seed coat. This type of fruit is typical of the grasses and. Tomatoes meet the botanical definition of a fruit - the seed-bearing part Sweetcorn is unusual – it is a grain like wheat or barley, but can also.

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As the ovules develop into seeds, the ovary begins to ripen and the ovary wall, the pericarpmay become fleshy as in berries or drupesor form a hard outer covering as in nuts. Maize is a grainand the kernels are used in cooking as a vegetable or a source of starch. In some species, seedlessness is the result of parthenocarpywhere fruits set without fertilization.


Why Tomatoes Are Fruits, and Strawberries Aren't Berries

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